Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

using Laravel / Vue.js

Posted on March 6, 2019 in crypto, laravel, webdev

I was sucked in by cryptocurrencies in 2016 when I discovered Ethereum. (more) I invested and found myself trading all sorts of digital tokens. There were and are some cool ways to make money with cryptocurrency. Anyway, investing and programming are two big interests of mine, so it was natural to explore what they could do together.

This is still an ongoing project, but here's how it's gone so far:

  • I found a PHP library to install to simplify my interaction with Binance's API as well as the API docs.

  • I created api keys and set the permissions on my Binance account to allow third-party trading.

  • I made a dashboard for me to monitor my trades and profits

  • I created an "updateTrades" command that runs on the server often to update trade statuses and set sell/buy orders.

Next I'll focus on organizing trade information to create a report which I can email to myself daily. I also need to add some scrupulous error handling since we're dealing with money.

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