About me

A web developer, reader, and an aspriring educator

Posted on January 11, 2015

Hi, my name is Bryce. I’m a college student from Arkansas studying Computer Science and Portuguese in Utah. I work as a web developer and go to school while I work on fun side projects in my spare time. My goal is to be financially independent by the time I am 35 so that I can do the things that really matter to me.

I like reading, especially biographies. I also play the piano, guitar, and sing in a barbershop quartet. My other hobbies include writing and fiddling with my raspberry pi (small programmable computer). I am married to a wonderful wife who supports me in all my hobbies and academic pursuits. She even designs websites with me. I look forward to having a big family and having enough time to see my kids grow up.

My biggest passion is helping other people follow their passions. It's sad to see our system of education undercut the talents and aspirations of so many brilliant people. I have hope that it will improve, and I try to contribute to the betterment of public education with web development. There is so much joy in creation; I want to share that.

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